the gangster profiles


Name: Paul “baby elephant” Cotter
Position: CDP
Place: eabhajoans listowel

I have been working in the kitchen for 4 years now. I suppose it was a chance opportunity for me in the kitchen being offered to go on a trainee management programme and being asked which department I wanted to go to first and saying  kitchen. It was I admit the best decision I have ever made even though I wanted to leave the kitchen after a few bad  services.

The highlight of my career thus far was working in preachers restaurant in doon Co.Limerick. Where the setting was an old converted church the atmosphere was magical. The food was 2nd to none. The flavours and textures unbelievable as well as the team in FOH








What I like about food is how it can bring people together over the table, from celebration dinners to the funeral lunch, whether it’s a happy or sad occasion it’s often the simple food that brings everyone together. The food that has had the biggest imprint is that of my mother and grandmother because as a child it was their food that inspires me to make my food better and push the amount of flavours I can squeeze out of everything I make and do in the kitchen.

My favourite ingredient is tarragon it’s smell it’s taste it’s versatility in fish dishes, meat dishes vegetable dishes and sauces.

Keep the pans hot and the knives sharp

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