A visit to St tola goats farm

Myself (chef noel) and fellow chef paul cotter headed up to St tola goat farm for a visit and some tasty bits of course.

The first thing you see is the awards of which there is alot (more inside) no surpise to me im a big fan and use it in the restaurant all the time


Inside we were given a brillant talk about goats/goats cheese the history of it and the farm itself and meet some goats of course


Then oh yes the best bit…….. the tasting .it was fantastic as the leasson contuined while we tasted the differant cheeses


I almost licked the board but we were in company and paul told me it wouldnt be polite …..


Visit the web site http://www.st-tola.ie to see when the farm visits are on a great way to spend a few hours


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