Gnocchi by Max

Handmade Gnocchi


1Kg Rooster potato
300 grams plain flour
50 grams semolino flour
1 egg

Method :

Put the potatoes in a pot with cold water
add a spoon of salt
bring the water to boil temperature and live boil for 15/20 minutes
check the potatoes with toothpick if it go in easy they are ready !!
Drain the potatoes and peel it when are hot,
Smash the potatoes with the masher on a wood board, leave until the mash is cold.
At this point we begin to make the dough
Add a generous pinch of salt all over the mash, make an hole in the middle and open in it the egg,
pour half of the plain flour all over the mash and start mix it with the hands,
when all the flour is absorbed keep add the rest of the plain flour gradually until the dough is no stick any more.
Live the dough to rest 5 minutes on a cotton cloth previously sprinkled with semolino flour.
Clean the board and sprinkle it with plain flour.
Now we start making Gnocchi,
cut a slice of dough and roll it with the hands on the board until you make a long sausage dough with the diameter around 1 centimeter,
now get a sharp knife and start cut the sausage in a piece long around 2 centimeters and sprinkle all over the semolino flour.
At this point we only need the shape for the gnocchi, to do that get a fork put one of the cylinder of dough and with a thumb press gently on it and let it slide on the fork, sprinkle all over with semolino flour.
Your gnocchi are done!!

How to cook :

Bring to boil a pot of water,
add salt,
add a drop of seed oil to avoid the gnocchi stick together.
Put the gnocchi in the boiling water and when they come on float are ready!!!
drain and toss in your favorite sauce.
*Note “it is advisable to cook the gnocchi not all together but roughly two full hands of them per time”

Buon Appetito



November foraging

If you are going foraging in November here is a few of the wild edibles you can find

By the coast seabeat one of my favourites a little toughter this time of year but loads available treat it like a soft cabbage


Sea lettuce is just wonderful and very delicate flavour only warm it up gently


Samphire the asparagus of the sea and treat it like asparagus

. Sea Astra has a unique flavour profile and is rarely used but should be

Oyster leaf is the big one in terms of flavour it is harder to find than the other smaller but packs a punch of flavour. Reveried by chefs for it culinary uses


Forage well leave noyhing behind you and never pull a plant out of the ground cut it so it regrows




Diarmuid talks a new season new goals


Its been a thoroughly successful enjoyable rewarding season not alone for me but the moorings dungarvan and the south east as a whole #greenwayphenomon Latest tourism figures indicate a growth of 53% in visitors The greenway has outstripped all forecasts ( no previous figuers #firstyear) however month on month from its inception the numbers on the greenway have now exceeded .5million users. Dungarvan is No1 worldwide on Air b&b with a massive growth of 5451% (that figure is not a misprint) The Moorings is nominated in Two Catgories this coming Tuesday in the Mansion House Best Irish Pub and Best in Service in Irish Pub Global Gala Awards. We are in 3 Catagories in Chamber of Commerce South East my favourite Best in Social Media. I hear you ask why are you saying this big deal. Ive worked very closely with for me a whole new team of people. Chefs; very young Floor operators Barmen Met reps built relationships with our guests demanded and sought repeat business and put structure and procedures into place. Ive implemented SOP’s We remain Second Only to Paul Flynn @ the tannery while along being on the floor servicing the mass’s In peak season we were catering for 600 ppl a day. Low season 400 plus the parties weddings and alot more in the nature of this business ie a food imporium by day becomes a drinking haven at night. Ive realy got stuck in with the chefs and developed menus introduced flavours to desserts added cocktail and gin menus but more Importantly earned my stripes with the boss’s The Quinn family who have handed over the reigns not alone to the moorings but their property in Waterford. The job of a front house operator is all inclusive Its a role that requires knowledge yes but I always find flexibility like a barley stem blowing in the breeze the capacity to listen and observe are the true skills of an operator. The dis-arming charm plus empathy also help 😉 We here are all gangsters but different types and individual gangsters. Keep doing what we are doing We are a unique Industry.. #shootemupboys 🕵